Havas 18/35 Launches With MARTY Connected Couch

This week, Havas Group announced a new forward-thinking offering: Havas 18/35.

The new entity is a cross between an innovation lab and a fabrication lab, enabling the development and funding of innovative projects across the global network.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship have been in Havas’s DNA since its creation in 1835,” said Yannick Bolloré, CEO of Havas Group. “Our main goal with the launch of Havas 18/35 is to develop these early-stage ideas and turn them into tangible projects that make a real impact in our industry, help us better understand consumers’ behavior, and therefore, better serve our clients.”

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The first project to emerge from Havas 18/35 is MARTY, the connected couch. Designed around the user experience, MARTY houses and controls all devices required for current media consumption, including a projector, 3D printer, VR headset, bluetooth game pad, fridge, 3D headphones, and Amazon Echo voice control.

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Everything is managed by an app custom-designed for the project, which can then be used to collect relevant data, analyze it in a dedicated dashboard, and then suggest the most relevant media responses aligned with user preferences.

Raphael de Andréis, chairman and CEO of Havas Media Group France, said: “The better our understanding of the future of media use, the more usefully we can advise our clients. Currently, 80% of media interactions take place on a couch…The couch is the nerve center of media use, a place of individual and family habits involving all kinds of behaviors centered on free time, communication, and work. And that makes it a fantastic research lab, covering all touchpoints.”

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This couch of the future was dreamed up by employees from Havas Media Group. MARTY’s technology was developed by Ekino, part of FullSix Group, while Loève Saint-Ourens was responsible for the design of the couch.

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