Eaters Digest: The Future of Food

As people grow more concerned about what’s in the products they eat, their relationships with food brands are weakening. Whereas in the past, consumers felt strong connections with beloved food brands, today the industry is rife with disruption and distrust.

In this report, we explore how various food movements are evolving, what trends are gaining ground, and how food brands can regain the trust of customers. Findings from this report include:

• Me, My Body, and the Planet: There’s growing awareness that the foods we choose to eat impact not only our individual health but also that of the planet.

• Local Is the New Organic: While organic foods continue to be seen as the healthier option, today’s more mindful consumers are paying at least as much attention to where their foods are grown.

• Raw Pleasure: For the new consumer, eating nature-made foods is more than a pathway to health; it confers pleasure and even a sense of status.


Study Highlights