Project Superbrand:
10 Truths Reshaping the Corporate World

Transparency, sustainability, and a purpose beyond profit are more than popular catchphrases. They’re now bottom-line expectations for how larger businesses and brands are expected to operate.

In this report, we seek to understand how the movement toward corporate social responsibility has evolved since 2007, when we launched our Future of the Corporate Brand study. We explore the new roles companies are being asked to play beyond their pure corporate function and the widening recognition that by “doing good” businesses can “do well.”

Highlights from the report include: Transparency is NOT optional: There was a time when people bought products without really giving thought to who or what was behind the brand. This era is long gone. Today, 70 percent of Prosumers are actively seeking out information on the companies that provide the products and services they buy.

Your company IS your brand: Consumers have continuously higher expectations of companies and brands. And since it’s easier than ever today to determine who has been acting “good” or “bad,” companies that fail to meet consumers’ expectations will pay the price. Two-thirds of Prosumers globally avoid buying from companies deemed to have a negative social or environmental impact.

A clear set of values is good for business: It’s more imperative than ever for a company to uphold strong values to which consumers can relate – consumers are actually making purchase decisions based on those values. Eighty percent of Prosumers agree that a clear set of values can help a company be more profitable.


Study Highlights